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The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students

The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA) & Dean of Students provides a critical support system for students. The office’s programs and services enrich students’ overall experiences, contribute to their persistence and growth, and play a dynamic role in the journey of discovery our students embark upon in college.


The Office of the VPSA & Dean of Students serves as a resource and advocate for students as they navigate college and pursue their academic and personal goals. The office advises Student Congress, BMSA (Board of Multicultural Student Affairs), SHEPARD (Stopping Homophobia, Eliminating Prejudice and Restoring Dignity), PCTV, and WDOM.​ More information about student clubs & organizations can be found with the Office of Student Activities & Cultural Programming and the Office of Recreational Sports.


College can be a time of great excitement, but for many students it can also be a time of anxiety, stress, and concern. The Office of the VPSA & Dean of Students assists students in adjusting to college life, and provides support in dealing with academic, personal and social issues and concerns. The office works with students and families to respond to crises and requests for leaves of absences, and serves as the supervisor of the C.A.R.E. (Campus Assessment, Responsibility, and Evaluation) Team​.

  • Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities​: The College strives to offer equal educational and employment opportunities to all members of the College community.  To this end, we offer reasonable accommodations for the needs of persons with disabilities, meeting the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.
  • Commuter Students: At Providence College, our commuter population is an integral part of our community. Commuter students are encouraged to take an active role in the community, not just through their classes, but also by participating in PC’s various student clubs and organizations, student events and by taking on leadership roles.
  • Leave of Absence:  The VPSA/Dean of Students Office assists students who, for medical or personal reasons, need to take a semester or more leave of absence (LOA) from Providence College.  When considering a Leave of Absence, please use the Leave of Absence Checklist to ensure you consult with the appropriate offices on campus.
  • Mental/Physical Health Concerns​:  Students with social, emotional, behavioral, or medical difficulties sometimes struggle to fully participate in and engage with the college commun​ity.  The College has numerous resources available to assist students with mental and/or physical health issues.  Faculty members, staff members, and students can also share concerns about a student with the campus CARE team​, an interdepartmental intervention and support team.​
  • Pregnant and Parenting Students and Partners: As a sign of Providence College’s commitment both to its Catholic and Dominican mission and to the inherent dignity of every human life, we offer this resource site for any of our students or partners who find themselves pregnant or parenting during their time of studies.
  • Residence Life & Housing: The Office of Residence Life & Housing has a full staff dedicated to supporting our students as their navigate housing options, life with roommates and transition to independent living. Please visit their website to learn more about the facilities, resources, programs and support we provide for all of our residential students.
  • Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, or Stalking​:  Sexual misconduct in all forms violates the sanctity of the human body, mind, and spirit and will not be tolerated within our community.
  • Student Handbook:​  The Student Handbook provides information about resources and activities at Providence College, as well as details on the College’s policies and procedures, including behavioral standards.

See Also: ​FERPA Guidelines; Parental Notification Guidelines