Make a Referral

In Extreme/Emergency Cases

In instances of extreme student distress, simply offering a referral/submitting a report is not sufficient. In these instances, it is imperative to ensure that a connection with an appropriate resource (Public Safety, Personal Counseling Center, Dean’s Office, etc.) is accomplished. If the distressed student is unwilling to permit this, faculty/staff/students should still contact a College official (Public Safety, Dean of Students) for assistance. In an emergency after-hours situation when the Dean of Students’ Office is closed, the following resources are available 24/7 for assistance:

  • The Office of Public Safety: 401.865.2222
  • Residence Life Hall Director On Call: 401.639.9110​
  • Personal Counseling Center: 401.865.2343 (after-hours, press option “2” to speak with an after-hours crisis counselor)
  • Providence Police: 911 or 9-911 from a campus phone

Submit a Referral

Any person may make a referral to the CARE Team to share concerns about a particular student.  Please use the online referral form below.

Online referral form

Phone/Email Referrals

If preferred, reports can also be made via phone call to the Dean of Students Office (401.865.1782) or via email to one of the staff members below:

In order to best allow the Dean of Students Office to provide appropriate services to the student of concern, please be prepared to provide as much of the following information as you can when making a report.  Please remember that in a situation of a health/safety emergency, contact Public Safety at 401.865.2222 for immediate assistance.

  • Name of the Student of Concern
  • Type of Concern 
    • Academic (Disruptive Behavior, Poor/Change in Behavior, Class Attendance, etc)
    • Adjustment/Social Concerns
    • Alcohol and/or Drug Use
    • Family Concerns
    • Financial Difficulties
    • Harassment/Intimidation
    • Medical (Illness, Injury, etc)
    • Mental Health (Anxiety, Depression, Eating Concerns, Odd Behavior/Acting Out, Potential Harm to Others, Self-Injury, Suicidal Ideation/Behavior, etc)
    • Missing Student
    • Physical Violence
    • Relationship Concerns
    • Roommate Concerns
  • If the concern relates to a specific incident, please share details and the date/time of the incident.  ​

What Happens Once I Make a Referral?​​

Once you make a report, The Dean of Students Office will reach out to the student to offer support and connect him or her with appropriate resources on campus or in the community. Using an interdisciplinary case management approach, the CARE Team develops intervention plans for students and monitors their status.

The Office of the Dean of Students will acknowledge receipt of all reports and may contact you to obtain additional information.  You may contact the Dean of Students office at any time if you have questions about how the report is being handled.