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Residential Accommodations

Students requesting a disability-related accommodation pertaining to Residential Life should complete the Disability Accommodation Request Form (opens in a new tab) online and submit the form.  You will then need to print out the Medical Documentation Form (opens in a new tab) and complete the first section of the form.  Submit the Medical Documentation Form to your licensed health care provider which they will complete and submit via mail, fax or scanned and emailed to:

Important!  ACCOMMODATIONS, IF APPROVED, ARE FOR AN INDIVIDUAL ONLY.  The approved accommodations do not apply to friends or housing groups.  Students may elect to stay with a housing group and decline an accommodation, or accept an accommodation and be placed in a setting that best meets the disability-determined need.

Deadlines for Residential Life Accommodation Requests

Submit accommodation requests on time for full consideration.  It may be difficult to accommodate late requests, especially after housing assignments have been completed.

  • Semester: Fall     Submit by: March 1  (July 1 for new students)
  • Semester: Spring     Submit by: November 1
  • Semester: Summer     Submit by: May 1