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Voter Registration

Voting is fundamental to our democracy. Unfortunately, and all too often, the importance of this single act is ignored, especially by our youth. In 2016, over 469,000 Rhode Islanders made their voices heard by casting their vote in the general election, but just 26% of those aged 18-24 voted. It is imperative to engage our next generation in the civic process. The Higher Education Amendment of 1998 requires all universities, including Providence College, to provide students with the opportunity to register to vote and access to voter information.

For Rhode Island Residents:

Rhode Island residents can go to as their one stop shop for elections information (including voter registration, updating voter information, finding local polling locations, previewing sample ballots, etc)

  • Register to vote online using TurboVote 
  • The deadline for voter registration in RI is October 4, 2020
  • Visit this site to request a RI mail ballot

The RI Department of State also developed, a peer to peer video guide to voting in RI.

For Out of State Residents

Register to vote online using TurboVote – Deadlines for voter registration varies by state.

Out of state residents can also click here to learn about how to request mail ballots in their home states.

If you are an out-of-state resident who wants to register to vote in Rhode Island, it is recommended to speak with the Providence College Financial Aid Office to make sure doing so does not impact your financial aid. For more information on this topic please email