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Parents as Partners

In the Division of Student Affairs and the Dean of Students Office, we consider parents and families to be our partners with the shared goal of seeing our students thrive. Working together we are better able to provide support as our students encounter difficulty, encourage curiosity and new experiences inside and outside the classroom, celebrate moments of success, and challenge behaviors that are in conflict with who they are called to be.

As our partner, we ask that you encourage your student to take the lead in creating their collegiate experience; to make decisions that allow them to flourish – decisions that create consistency between what they believe and know they should do, and what they actually do. We ask you to support them in stepping outside of their comfort zone to engage in experiences and seek interactions they have not had before. Encourage your student to be contemplative and reflective, to identify and set goals for the college experience, and to live intentionally toward the achievement of those goals. Know that while they are with us, we will do the same.


Parents and families are often the first phone call when students encounter challenges and struggles. Sometimes they just need a listening ear. Sometimes you’ll want to offer more. As you offer support to your student, consider the following…