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Student Congress

Elected annually by the student body, the Providence College Student Congress serves the college community by representing student opinion, addressing campus needs, and providing opportunities for leadership development. Student Congress is lead by the executive board (president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary) and meets weekly to debate, discuss, and act on issues of importance to the Providence College student community. All legislation passed by Student Congress is forwarded to appropriate administrators for consideration.

Working under the direction of the executive board, the class officers (elected annually) are responsible for communicating the specific needs of each class to the rest of Student Congress and administrators. Also working under the direction of the executive board are six committees, each focused on a specific area.

  • ​​​​Academics Committee: ​​Bridges the gap between students and faculty at PC, allowing the student body to be involved in decisions regarding academic life at PC, including curriculum, courses, and other related areas.  To do this, members of the Academics Committee attend Faculty Senate meetings to maintain communication between Faculty Senate and Student Congress.
  • Clubs and Organizations​ Committee: Regulates all clubs, organizations, and other groups under Congress’s jurisdiction, as well as acts as a liaison between these groups and Student Congress.  Committee members inform these groups of responsibilities throughout the year and oversee all groups’ activities and funding.  Clubs and Orgs also works with students who are interested in formally establishing a new club or organization on campus.​
  • ​​Legislative Affairs Committee:​ Acts as the Legislative body for Student Congress.  The committee enforces laws and regulations during weekly Congress meetings, and a subcommittee runs and regulates annual class and executive elections.  Members also create legislation for classes, committees, or individual Congress members that seek to propose a bill, recommendation, resolution, or amendment.​
  • Outreach Committee: Strengthens and maintains relations between the PC Community and the larger, surrounding neighborhood of Providence.  Committee members are involved in events such as Late Night Madness, Trick-or-Treat for Canned Goods, and the Junior Leadership Conference, to name a few.  The committee also focuses on community service, green initiatives, and alumni relations.
  • Publicity Committee: Advertises meetings, legislation, and other important information about Student Congress to the entire student body. Through posters, videos, and various forms of social media, the committee promotes Student Congress as a resource to the PC community.
  • Student Life Committee: ​Addresses existing problems on campus, ranging anywhere from food to on-campus living.  Similar to the Academics Committee, who improves relations between students and faculty, the Student Life Committee is responsible for improving relations between students and staff on issues outside of the classroom.

Student Congress is advised by the Office of the Dean of Students.