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Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentoring Program (PMP) is an organization that supports first generation college students in their pursuit of higher education.  PMP builds community, offers social and academic support, and creates a reflective environment for students.  PMP is a yearlong program that supports first year students in their transition from high school to college.  PMP pairs each first year student with an upper class mentor.  The PMP program teaches students how to navigate the college community, balance relationships between home and campus, and create a network of support from peers and faculty.​​​

Mentor/Mentee Relationships

Unlike other peer mentor programs, we will engage in “collaborative mentoring,” i.e. mentors will both individually and collaboratively support first year students with an emphasis on students of color and international students. Mentors will have their own group of mentees as well as be available to answer questions or meet other mentees outside of one’s mentee group. For example, a mentee interested in a particular major may ask any mentor who is from that major to meet and talk more about it. We believe in a shared effort and commitment so that community is cultivated among all the mentors and mentees.

We are committed to intercultural relationships so we match mentees and mentors being mindful of differences and commonalities that would enrich the mentoring experience. Since we have a collective mentoring model, a mentee may meet with any of the mentors for a common connection.

Mentors are often able to answer questions and concerns about:

  • ​Academic issues (course selection, study habits, time management)
  • Getting involved on campus (intramurals, clubs & orgs, etc.)
  • Career Advice (planning for graduate school, learning about career choices)
  • Relationship building with peers, roommates, friends, and others